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Welcome Back to School! ELearning is here to stay!

I can remember studying in school.  We certainly didn’t have elearning .  It would require a book with a pen and paper.  Laptops were starting to become useful in the education world but for the most part self paced studying meant reading at home.  If I had a question over the material I would simply have to ask it when I next met with the teacher or figure it out on my own (a time consuming process).  Eventually I learned the material, but it was after way too much time was consumed trying to shove entire books into my brain.

Education is changing quickly.  It is changing for the better.

Classrooms…………blegh!!  Students want to pay attention – they really do.  But if a student misses a key point early on in the lecture the rest of the lecture is just a waste of time.  Luckily streaming video has changed all that.  If a student daydreams and misses a key point in a lecture – they simply rewind and watch that portion over again.  Tough concept to learn?  No problem, students now simply watch the material until they know it.

I’m jealous of today’s education opportunities.  Elearning using streaming video will revolutionize how students are educated.  Some may call this elearning, but in my opinion this will soon just be called learning.  It it will be more common that classroom learning.  This is already happening now in various sites across the net.  The only question I had was “How can I be a part of this?”

Sharing my Medication Education

I am a pharmacist.  My profession is devoted to medications and how they work in the body.  On a daily basis I counsel patients on their medications and the side effects or dangers they might run into.  I have a staff of Pharmacy Technicians that I simply couldn’t function without.  The help they provide makes the pharmacy run efficiently and smoothly.

In an effort to teach future pharmacy technicians,  I signed up with with the local junior college and began to teach live classes to become a pharmacy technician.  It was enjoyable but it had a few setbacks.  Many students needed one on one interaction.  Unfortunately I was unable to provide the one on one teaching that many of them needed.  Frustrated – I exited the education arena.

As streaming video and elearning websites became more mainstream – I became excited that I could educate using a new medium  I signed on with one of the best education sites on the net – udemy.com  Now I had the tools I needed to teach How to Become a Pharmacy Technician or whatever other topic I desired. The Pharmacy School was born.

ThePharmacySchool.com is my landing page for all my educational courses and other blog topics I want to share. 

Check out the classes offered.

Take a look around and find if one of my class offerings is for you.  They are fairly low cost and can be watched or rewatched at your convenience.  Certainly it’s better than daydreaming in class!  Welcome to Pharmacy School